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ILG Consulting is under the leadership of executives who understand the importance of providing the correct solution for your organisation.

Our team of experienced consultants, who bring combined cross-industry knowledge, are dedicated to delivering value-adding solutions that empower your organisation to learn, grow and evolve. 

Why Choose Us?

The majority of our consultants are former employees of Tier 1 consulting firms who have a passion for delivering quality, value-adding outcomes for our clients.


Our consultants adapt to new projects, work cultures and colleagues easily.  They understand how best to accomplish your organisation's desired results in the shortest possible time, without compromising quality. They see the big picture and the small parts that can make it better. Our consultants use skills and knowledge from previous projects to assist you in solving new problems and challenges.

We develop and deliver results-focused solutions unique to your requirements, increasing user adoption and return on investment, whilst simultaneous empowering your organisation to learn, grow and evolve. 

We bring in excess of 100 years of collective experience and have delivered IT transformation programs of varying scope, size and complexity across a number of public and private sectors, including:


  • State and Commonwealth governments

  • Utilities 

  • Mining

  • Oil and Gas

  • Aviation

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