ILG Consulting Services is under the leadership of executives that understand the importance of providing the correct solution and not what best fits.


The selected team is dedicated, and consists of experienced consultants who are focused on providing customers with the correct solution, and at the same time, delivering the highest quality outcome that can be achieved.

At ILG Consulting Services (ILG) we know IT, no matter what size task or project it is, small, large, basic, complex, we will deliver the correct solution for the client.  We have a very deep understanding of the Oil & Gas industry, the Aviation sector and Federal and local government regulations and legislation's.


The team has over 100 years of working experience on different IT systems and platforms.


ILG has a culture that is committed to ensuring quality and as such quality is the foremost goal of the organization, we also aim to maintain and exceed the industry standards to consistently produce high quality solutions. This goal is achieved through standard company practices that have stood the test of time and we know work and the companies Management System which ensures a culture that considers the quality and the consequences of each and every action that we do.


By following the procedures and processes will ensure that all aspects of the assigned project are completed by appropriately trained and resourced people in compliance with company and the client's requirements.


  • We strongly believe in "excellence in solutions" which defines our Company culture:

  • We maintain the highest professional standards and exceed customer’s expectations.

  • Provide the highest value added services to our clients and return on investment.

  • Achieve market leadership through innovation and technical excellence.

  • Offer “peace of mind” solutions with regard to reliability and the quality of work produced.

  • Employ and develop the best in people through mentoring and training.


We fix problems the first time and we fix the problem correctly as we do not believe in the statement "near enough is good enough" as far as we are concerned getting it correct the first time is the only way to solve the problem and keep the customer happy.

ILG Consulting Services is unique in that it has the ability to be on a client site or any remote location within hours of a client requesting assistance or help as the company has access to a twin engine aircraft.


One of the directors is a qualified commercial pilot that holds a command instrument rating that allows him to fly in all weather conditions.


The aircraft is very well maintained, and as such, it has the latest avionics that are available to the general aviation community.


With access to the aircraft, allows us a quicker response time to any issue or problem that a client might have, which reduces any downtime or frustration for the client.

Wayne Howell

Wayne is a former member of the Royal Air Force who has also done secondments with the British Army during his service both within the UK and overseas.


Wayne brings to ILG a considerable amount of experience with IT systems in government, aviation, oil and gas, and as such understands the governance, legislation & regulatory requirements that need to be applied with IT solutions.


Prior to joining ILG he was a functional/technical consultant of SAP in Project Systems (PS), reporting and data migration and integration, so understands the challenges associated with ERP systems.


One important skill that Wayne learnt from the military, was to take ownership and responsibility for the work assigned and own the issues and problems that are identified with the assigned work.


A big passion for Wayne is data, training and processes & procedures and the importance that they have for users as good information reduces errors and confusion.


Wayne is also a qualified commercial pilot and flies regularly to keep his currency on aircraft systems as well as the relevant instrument approaches.