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Complementing our highly qualified team of consultants are ex-military trained commercial pilots and approving officers. One of our directors formerly owned an aircraft maintenance facility and authored the Maintenance Procedures Manual (MPM) for piston, turbine and warbird aircraft, later approved by the Civil Aviation Security Authority (CASA). 


Based on this unique position, we consider our knowledge of the aviation industry, and the laws and regulations pertaining to maintenance and operations, to be second to none. We have assisted our aviation clients with:


  • integration of their existing systems with the supply and procurement systems used by aircraft manufacturers, enabling seamless integration to deliver quicker responses to Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations

  • gap analysis of training materials, highlighting areas for improvement

  • developing training materials to assist operations in order to reduce downtime and offer consistent information throughout their organisation

  • delivery of face-to-face training sessions and online self-assessed training


We have worked closely with key utility companies globally, assisting them with:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) greenfield implementations and enhancements 

  • upgrades to existing IT systems

  • implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS), including the selection process

  • Training strategy creation, and gap analysis, including identification of resourcing models and value drivers in calculating current and future pricing

  • training materials creation and enhancements to existing documentation

  • review and alignment of training processes for Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and legislation compliance

  • training data migration from legacy systems to new LMS solutions 

  • training delivery, including classroom, virtual and online

  • eLearning template creation, content development and data management

  • identification of continuous improvements initiatives

Oil and Gas

ILG Consulting's recommended eLearning architecture was adopted globally by our major Oil & Gas client. Our solution provided a one-fit solution across all our client's businesses by making use of a single template, significantly reducing the cost and effort associated with complex, multi-templated eLearning solutions.


ILG Consulting were engaged by one of Australia's leading banks to examine their disaster recovery documents to identify internal business processes requiring further analysis, and remediation, on account of changes to middleware, hardware or locations.

State & Federal Government

For our State and Federal government clients we have provided a myriad of services, not limited to:

  • business process gap analysis

  • eLearning application installation, configuration and template creation 

  • training strategies, organisational capability and training needs assessments

  • design and creation of bespoke training process manuals and procedures

  • authoring of IT systems training materials using specialised eLearning recording software

  • post-training analytics and continuous improvement recommendations

  • management of security matrices, user profiles and portal access 

  • custodianship of training environments, associated refresh strategies, data creation and management

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